Top Food and Drink Of St. Lucia – 2020 Updated


St. Lucia’s blend of cultures really shine through in traditional St. Lucian cuisine. Some of the most decadent treasures can be found in Lucian cuisine

Let’s dive into some of these tropical treasures and explore some amazing food and drink island favorites! 




One of the islands most popular foods for tourists and locals alike is Accra. Accra – also known as fish cakes – can be found on restaurant menus, street parties and food stall menus all across the island.

This delicious dish can be prepared by using little pieces of salted codfish with local seasonings and spices that really bring this dish to life. Once prepared, all ingredients are tossed in a creamy paste before the pieces are fried until brown.

This is a must try while visiting St. Lucia. CLICK HERE for our authentic Accra recipe! 



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Image via Admiral Rodney Rum

Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn’t travel the Caribbean without rum, and you shouldn’t either!

Known as the spirit of St. Lucia, rum is a big deal! Each island is loyal to its own signature rum, and St. Lucia is no exception. St. Lucia distilleries make more than 25 different varieties of rum-based products and liquors. St. Lucia rum is warm, smooth and fruity – most popular being dark varieties.

Bounty brand rum a.k.a the spirit of St. Lucia is the basic favorite rum used for mixing an array of delicious tropical cocktails. Chairman reserve is an increasingly popular rum with a more refined taste.

The award-winning admiral Rodney’s rum is noted as being one of the finest rums ever produced. Click HERE for a list of rums St. Lucia has to offer. 


Lambi (conch)  

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This popular street food dish is a local favorite- 

for a true Lucian experience, make sure to try this dish at the Friday night street party held in the local markets. 

The main ingredient in this dish is the succulent meat from shellfish known as conch. This delicious dish is prepared by cooking tiny pieces of the conch meat in a mouthwatering spicy Caribbean sauce. Make sure to look out for the very recognizable and beautiful conch shells being sold across the island once the meat is removed. 


Green figs and saltfish 

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Via Salt Fish Dish

Made with figs, or green (unripe) bananas- Saltfish was once a very cheap source of fish used on the island, made popular during festivals and celebrations.

It is prepared by peeling and boiling figs in salt water then combining with cod boiled to perfection. This dish is presented with peppers, herbs, spices and sautéed onions.  



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Bouyon is a soup made of dumplings and meat cooked in a huge traditional soup pot. Pork is the most popular meat used in this dish but it is also enjoyed with beef, goat, lamb and chicken – depending on where it is prepared and your personal preferences.

Potatoes, yams and pumpkin are added along with red beans and lentils to thicken the soup. It is simmered for several hours and is a very popular dish among locals.  



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Via Caribbean World Magazine

Breadfruit, which is in the same family as jackfruit, has a very similar texture to potatoes. The taste of breadfruit can vary depending on how mature and ripe the fruit is. The more mature the fruit the starchier taste it will present.

This delicious fruit is very high in potassium and vitamin C. Traditionally it is boiled and served as a side dish to many meals. It can also be fried after boiling and baked into a sweet pie 



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Via Jade Mountain

St. Lucia’s local cocoa is said to be the richest and most decadent in the world. A favorite use for local cacao is the rich and sweet cocoa tea, and an absolute must try when staying on the island. Cocoa is serve all across the island from roadside carts to the finest restaurants.

St. Lucia makes both milk and dark chocolate to fit everyone’s taste buds. St. Lucia hosts many chocolate tours on the island, to learn more about these tours CLICK HERE. 


Piton Beer 

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Named after the iconic pitons, this pilsner lager is crisp and light and St. Lucia finest lager. Piton beer has won plenty of international awards including France, Prague and Belgium since it was first brewed in 1972.

Piton beer is brewed locally in Vieaux fort and can be found everywhere across the island.  


With so many delicacies awaiting you, what are you waiting for?

Experience St. Lucia cuisine like a local and don’t miss out on any of these flavorsome dishes! If you are a true foodie, you have to try the inviting, savory, and downright scrumptious dishes and treats the island has to offer.


Until our next adventure – Lisa, Oasis Team 🙂