We often get ask what our your favorite local restaurant is near Marigot Bay.

The answer is easy, and it’s Noy’s Restaurant & Bar. Located in the small community of Jacmel near Roseau valley, it takes just a short 10 minute drive from Marigot Bay to Noy’s. The restaurant has a nice view overlooking the farmland. The restaurant is owned by a friendly local couple by the name of Noy & Theresa.

jacmal restaurant st lucia

Theresa prepares some of the best traditional Caribbean food we’ve had on the island, like chicken, fresh fish, fig salad, fresh local veggies served with rice. MMmmmMM! And of course that must come served with the local Piton Beer!

noys restaurant st lucia

Noy’s Restaurant is a nice place to meet friendly locals and to enjoy a cold refreshing drink! Maybe even enjoy a game of Dominoes with good music. It’s a very tourist-friendly local spot.

st lucia playing dominoes

How to get there? Noy can offer transportation from Marigot Bay to the restaurant, or you can just grab one of the waiting taxis in Marigot Bay.

Please make reservations through the Oasis Marigot Guests Service at Tel.: 758 451 4719.

– Lauren, Oasis Team