St. Lucia Rum Factory & Tasting

If you’re staying in or around Marigot Bay of St. Lucia, then it would be a shame not to visit the next-door village of Roseau, which houses one of the island’s best Rum Factories. It’s a historic and agriculturally rich valley. The St. Lucia Distillers Group had its inception in 1972, but rum making in St. Lucia goes way back to the time of sugar cane production. Rum is actually the fermented molasses by-product of sugar production.

distiller-valleyThe St. Lucia Distillers Group has evolved from a single, mass production rum to an array of over 25 premium rums and liqueurs, many of which of won all sorts of international honours and awards. Read the full list of awards here. The company continues to grow as a recognized international competitor for high quality rums.

One of their flagship products, which you will most likely definitely try if you’re ever on the island of St. Lucia, is Bounty Rum. This is likely their highest volume production rum, and is not a premium rum, but still goes down sweet and smooth!

Their other flagship product, is the Chairman’s Reserve, a premium rum that comes spiced and unspiced. It’s actually the preferred, or most popular, rum among the local young people. I guess the higher price point makes it more desirable to drink.

Uncommon Caribbean does a nice review of the Chairman’s Reserve in St. Lucia.

The Chairman’s Reserve also recently won Gold – Best in Class at the International Wine & Spirits Competition and Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

chairmans-bottlesThe Rum Factory itself is literally a 2 minute drive from Marigot Bay. They offer great tours of the factory, followed by an amazing tasting time. The last time I went there they had every type of rum they made set out on a table. We were free to taste as many as we like. I made it through over five different tastings. If you spent your time tasting the majority of them, you wouldn’t even have to order drinks at the bar.

You can learn more about organizing a rum tour here.

Or, if you pick up a bottle from a local vendor, here are some fabulous recipes for authentic St. Lucia mixed drinks.

– Lauren, Oasis Team