We often have guests ask us for recommendations on something extra “special” or romantic to do while on their trip. Well, most often it’s the husband or boyfriend asking with the goal of surprising the lady with something magical!

Well, we have a new product that is sure to satisfy the romantic in both of you. And whoever takes the initiative to book this as a surprise for their partner is sure to win some serious points! It’s our new “Dinner on the Beach Package” on the beautiful little beach of Marigot Bay, the same place you likely pass through and relax on during the day.

Marigot Bay Beach St. Lucia

Cozy, right?

So, let us show you what the whole experience is like, featuring two real guests who were the first ones to try out the package!

Around 6:30pm, you come down from your villa to the beach to be greeted by your own personal server for the evening. The lady always receive a rose, of course.

Marigot Bay Dinner on the Beach

Then you take a seat at your private table for two, located on the sandy beach near the water’s edge, nestled under the swaying palms…

The package includes a 3-course meal, based on an exclusive “dinner on the beach” menu which we specially designed. That also includes a bottle of champagne for the two of you!

Champagne on the Beach St. Lucia

From your table, you have the unobstructed viewing pleasure of looking straight out the mouth of Marigot Bay out to the Caribbean Sea horizon. The soft swaying of the yachts at anchor and the occasional little motorboat that putters by will surely put you in the mood for a romantic evening.

It was a little cloudy this day, but most of the time you’d be seeing an incredible sunset right about now.

Dinner on the Beach Oasis Marigot

Although you could probably sit there the whole night and enjoy the view, it still won’t be long before the courses start coming out…

You have the choice from about 3 different options for each course. Again, an exclusive menu that the Doolittle’s Restaurant only offers to the dinner on the beach guests.

Here we have an appetizer of sweet melon, tomato and cucumber salad, glazed with an aged red wine vinaigrette and topped with crumbled goat cheese.

Papaya Goat Cheese Appetizer

As Michelle told me, and quote, “it was delicious.”

We don’t want to give away the whole menu because it’s a bit of a suprise, and can also change once in a while, but some of the entrees include “Surf & Turf” ribeye steak & Caribbean lobster, grilled lamb chops, basil shrimp skewers, or wild mahi-mahi.

Some pretty delectable options right there!

The meal includes “white glove service”, standing nearby and seeing to your every need. So if that champagne glass ever nears empty… Don’t worry! 😉

White Glove Service Dinner on the Beach

But as the evening moves on and the sun starts to set behind the horizon, the romance really becomes evident.

The bay waters shimmer in the reflections of the lights and palms, and the sky casts just the right amount of light for a perfect dinner “ambiance”.

Romantic Dinner on the Beach

For the main course, Michele took the shrimp skewers, and Dave the mahi mahi.

Both said it was the best meal they had on the island so far, which is really saying a lot!

Marigot Bay Dinner on the Beach

And as the light continues to dim, the mood only becomes that much more magical…

Romance Dinner on the Beach

Once you’re done your meals, take all the time you need to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and the incredible setting.

Dinner on the Beach St. Lucia

Truly an incredible evening, here in our beautiful bay of Marigot Bay, St. Lucia.

Oasis Marigot Dinner on the Beach


We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

Learn more about how to add our Dinner on the Beach package to your reservation here.

Happy travels,

– Lauren