When you come to St. Lucia you definitely need to try the local beer by the name of Piton (pronounced Pee-ton, sounding better if you can add a bit of a French accent), named after none other than the island’s most famous landmarks; the Pitons Mountains. The beer is cool, light, and refreshing with a floral and hoppy aroma. In my opinion, it is something like a cross between a Corona and a Coors Light (as in, it’s a bit lighter than a Corona). The company is owned by the Heineken subsidiary in St. Lucia.

Now here’s the fun part. Between the two main island beers; Piton and Heineken, which one do you think the locals prefer vs. the tourists?

pitons beer factory st luciaAnswer is: locals prefer Heineken and tourists prefer Piton. The Piton beer is a little too light for most of the locals, as Heineken is fuller, and oh, they love Guiness too! (which says it all).

In fact, there is a joke among the locals that the Piton Beer is just the collected water from rinsing out the Heineken tanks!

Although, we would not describe it quite so. They are both delicious and the Piton has become a source of pride among Lucian heritage. I am a fan of both, but often prefer the Piton when in St. Lucia due to its exclusivity (you can get Heineken all around the world.. but Piton is only in the Caribbean!).

-Lauren, Oasis Team