How To Stay Healthy While Traveling To The Caribbean


Now, more than ever, planning to stay healthy while travelling is an essential part of trip planning. What should you do before you travel, while you travel, and during your travels to stay healthy?

There is nothing worse than getting sick during your trip to Paradise, am I right?!

Follow these essential tips to stay healthy while travelling to the Caribbean!


Before you travel

This is often an overlooked step, taking good care of yourself prior to travel it’s crucial to making sure if you do come into contact with any germs your body is capable of finding it off

TIP #1- take your supplements

I’m a firm believer that food can provide our bodies with all the nutrients we need to be healthy when it comes time to travel supplements can give you that extra help you might need if you do fall ill


suggested supplements


  1. Probiotics

travelers diarrhea -Cue the dier music- Yes, we all know but the dreaded travelers diarrhea. Let’s be honest. one of the allures of travel is experiencing new cultures which includes delicious cultural dishes, probiotics will give your microbiome the good bacteria it needs to allow you to spend your time enjoying new Cuisines, rather than spending it on the ceramic throne.


       2. Elderberries

With the conditions on a crowded plane and in the airport being a perfect breeding ground for germs, sometimes your immune system needs a little extra boost. Elderberries contain powerful antioxidants, and can be an excellent way to support your body’s natural defense during travel. My favorite form of elderberries is elderberry syrup, it’s absolutely delicious!


        3. Ashwagandha

It’s no secret that travel can trigger stress in people, whether its the fear of flying, or major disruptions to your travel schedule. With Ashwagandha, a traditional Indian medicine, you’ll be able to aid your body in dealing with stress. Ashwagandha has shown to lower levels of cortisol, which is known as the “stress hormone” significantly reducing stress levels, so you can keep your cool during those not-so-carefree travel moments.


Tip #2- immunizations and travel insurance

being prepared for might what might await you in another country is just plain smart. Don’t forget to do your research on your destination to make sure you’re up-to-date on any required or recommended immunizations needed. Travel insurance is another somewhat overlooked essential. The last thing you need on your perfect vacation is to fall ill and not have coverage. Looking into your coverage and consider purchasing Travelers Insurance , you simply can’t regret the step!


Tip #3 – get some rest

We’ve all been there, the nights before your trip is almost impossible to sleep. Maybe your nerves are acting up, or your excitement is keeping you awake, whatever it may be, prioritize sleep. Cell regeneration is at its most active when we sleep, a good nights sleep will not only boost your immune system, it will also keep you calm, alert, and energized to face a long day of travel. Avoid caffeine the night before and aim to get no less than 6 hours of sleep at night.

Expert Tip – can’t catch those Z’s?  try a melatonin or CBD supplement to Aid in sleep, even a classic chamomile tea won’t steer you wrong!



While you travel

With everything shifting in the world today, travel might start to look a little bit different. Try these tips to enjoy your travel day, rather than fear it.


Tip #1 -Stay hydrated

You may have heard this one before, but boy! it is important. The altitude on the plane aids in, and amplifies, dehydration. Dehydration can lead to an array of nasty symptoms from lethargy, migraines, and even swollen ankles. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water on the plane, you can thank me later!


Tip #2 – Disinfect plane seats

Let’s imagine for a second how many people have sat in your seat before you, without a proper wipe down – yeah, it’s gross! The best thing you can do is disinfect your seat and surrounding areas, this means taking one of those handy wipes and wiping down your seat, armrest, window cover, over head knobs, TV screens, and any buttons you might use. Carry a little bottle of hand sanitizer for after storing your luggage in the overhead, washroom breaks, and interaction with the stewardess. Limit how much you touch your face and practice proper hand cleanliness.


Expert Tip -keep your overhead vent on! Germs breed in stale, still air, having proper air circulation will be your best friend, and if you’re extra cautious, you can wear a face mask.



Tip #3- Healthy snacks

Real talk, we’ve all been tempted by those convenient plane snacks, you know the ones, loaded in calories and sodium. Whether we are going on a long-haul flight or a quick trip, your body will thank you for choosing healthy snacks. Aim for high protein, low sodium, low cal snacks to keep you feeling fuller longer and not your best.


Snacks I recommend:
  • nuts and trail mix
  • crispy chickpeas
  • banana chips
  • chocolate bark

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog of our favorite go-to healthy plane snacks!



Tip #4- Self care

Take this time to pamper yourself and create a first class experience in coach. Try a hydrating face mask, cozy socks and don’t forget a super comfy blanket or over-sized sweater, it gets quite cold 30,000 ft in the air!



During Your Vacation

We’ve made it to Paradise, now you can relax and indulge – accompanied with healthy choices of course!

We’ve all been there, buffets of treats to gorge on, unlimited martinis, and late-night room service. After all we are on vacation, right?


Tip #1 – Eat healthy

Follow the 2-1 rule, for every two alcoholic drinks you have, have one glass of water. Those alcoholic drinks can make you bloated and dehydrated. With the Caribbean Sun as hot as it is, balance is key, stay hydrated.

When it comes to food it’s easy to overindulge and make those not-so-healthy choices, remember food is fuel, eat a balanced diet and take advantage of all the fresh, local fruits and indulge in those sweet treats when the time is right.


Tip #2 –  Exercise

Most people envision a perfect vacation with a drink in hand, basking on the beach all day – we absolutely condone this! but let’s also stay active and stay healthy. This doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or running for an hour on the treadmill everyday.

Our favorite ways to stay active – Long Beach walks or hiking a trail swimming or dancing the night away. Whatever you choose, aim for some form of physical activity every day.


Tip #3 – Medications

Having a little first aid kit can be a godsend when accident happen.


Our favorite items to keep in a first kit include:
  • allergy medication include a nasal spray for congestion
  • sea sickness medication
  • Tums
  • mosquito repellent
  • Tylenol
  • sleep aid
  • sanitizer & Band-Aids
  • and of course, Aloe Vera gel

Don’t forget to bring a long pair of pants for those cool nights!


Tip #4- Reusable straw/ water bottle

Not only are reusable straws better for the environment,  you also lower your risk of coming into contact with germs. By choosing reusable straws for your drinks, you can help save the environment as well as our beloved oceans and sea life, all the while putting your house first. That’s a win-win for us!


Travelers illness does not need to affect you and put a damper on your vacation, take these small steps to prioritize your health and make the most of your time in Paradise!


What are some of your go-to tips for staying healthy while travelling? We’d love to hear them, share in the comments below!

Until our next adventure – Lisa, Oasis Team.