We’ve all been there, nestled into that ‘chronic-over-Packer’ role, trying to fit our entire lives into a cute luggage set, yeah.. not so cute! Living with less has inspired me to travel with less.

Cardinal rules – If it’s not essential, it stays behind. If I have extra space left in my luggage, that doesn’t mean pack more! These are my packing rules to live by.

If you’re anything like me, and you love to travel but don’t want the baggage, keep reading to find the ultimate tips and tricks to packing light!


Packing Tips


Carry-on Only


Limit your space, limit your bulk! Sure, those luggage sets are cute, but having three different size bags, and a carry-on bag to boot, only tempts us to over pack and fill those cute bags to the brim. You’d be surprised just how much you can fit into a carry-on bag, and trust me folks, carry-on only has so many perks;

1. No Pesky baggage check lines
2. No lost luggage
3. You eliminate your time spent in the airport
4. You can get through the airport in a breeze


Don’t Forget Your Backpack


Along with your carry on, you’re also allowed a backpack/purse.  You can fit a large amount of items into a backpack. My preference? I always bring a carry-on and a backpack.

I prefer to keep all of my essential grab-and-go items in my backpack, that way I can keep it with me and anything that I need during the fight is very accessible, instead of having to reach into the overhead compartment every time i need a quick snack.

Remember to check your airline for dimension specifications.


Packing Cubes


You’ve seen them, adorable little packing Cubes, but are they necessary when it comes to parking smart? The answer is yes! Packing cubes allow you to pack smarter and more organized.

More organized = lighter packing.

You can get carry-on specific cubes that help limit over packing, remember, ‘just-in-case’ is usually never. Packing cubes help eliminate ‘just-in-case’ items and help you focus on the essentials.


Pack Staple/Interchangeable Items


Chances are you’ve heard of the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ if not, is simply means having between 30 to 60 pieces of clothing – which includes shoes and accessories – that can all be interchangeable, and that won’t go out of style.

Taking this approach with travel means packing staple items that can create an almost unlimited amount of unique outfits with less. Everyone has the basic white-T, classic capsule wardrobe staple item, a classic white-T can be paired with multiple bottoms that can convert from beach day outfits, Market outfits, and even transition to an evening look.

If you’d like to see an idea of what our capsule wardrobe for travel looks like, leave a comment below!


Limit Your Makeup Beauty Products


‘Less is more’ and when it comes to travel, truer words have never been spoken. How can we get that beachy, sun-kissed, vacation look with a full face of Glam? Leave the Cosmetics behind and only bring the essentials, taking a vacation is a perfect time to give your skin a vacation to!

Stay tuned for our must have beauty products for travel!


Limit Your Shoes


I’m guilty, packing six pairs of shoes for dinners and day trips only to default to a single pair of comfy flip-flops. Consider your vacation, are you a beach go-er? or will you be hiking and sightseeing? A good pair of sneakers and sandals will be more than enough.

If not, try packing squishy foldable footwear, and remember, your capsule wardrobe footwear should be interchangeable and work for many outfits, without bringing the entire closet.


Opt Out Of Styling Tools


Who doesn’t want those effortless mermaid waves on vacation, or merman waves -fellas, I see you! Guess what!? the perfect beachy waves don’t take multiple sized curling irons, all it takes is salt water and vitamin D! Of course for those date night dinners, we might want to get ourselves put together, but remember, heatless curls are the real deal, and you’re gorgeous locks will thank you!

Experiment with heatless styles, and look into what styling tools your Villa provides for you. Nothing takes up more space in your luggage then unnecessarily styling tools. Go heatless and get creative!


Understand Laundry Options


What does your hotel Villa provide? Do you have access to laundry facilities or laundry services? Knowing your options can help you while creating your packing list. Knowing your clothing can be washed throughout the week will help ease your packing stress and provide a bit more flexibility.


Create A Packing List


Creating lists is a hobby of mine. Putting your ideas down on paper and creating a visual of your thoughts/ideas, can ease a lot of stress and help you feel more organised and prepared. Consider making a packing list, itemizing your capsule wardrobe, days on vacation, and activities you’ll be doing during your stay. This will give you a clear idea of what you absolutely need, and more importantly, what you absolutely can travel without.


Wear Your Bulky Items During Travel


If you’re like me, you’re travelling from Canada, in the winter, so bulking up for the flight to the tropics just makes sense. Even if you’re travelling from a hot location, consider wearing your long pants and sweatshirts on your travel day, that way you can bring these items for cooler nights and unpredictable weather. This will also free up tons of space in your luggage, that otherwise, those bulky items would simply consume.


Packing does not need to be the bane of your travel experience, embrace a more minimalist approach to travel, and remember, less stuff = less stress!  safe travels 🙂

Until our next adventure! -Lisa, Oasis Team