Earth Day is always a special day for us. We have always made the time to stop our busy schedule to do what we can to help protect and improve our local environment. After all, people visit places like this for their natural beauty. So it’s important we keep our island the paradise it is, not just for guests, but for us as well 🙂

What we’re sharing in this blog post is something we at Oasis Marigot do every month, because once a year isn’t really enough.

In the past ten years, Oasis Marigot has been taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and to be more self-sustainable. Making sure we collect rain water and have energy efficient light bulbs in all of our rooms is a basic first step, but we are happy to announce that we have now completed our investment of solar panels on the roofs of all our villas at the Vacation Club, as well as hybrid air conditioning units that work on solar. This has dramatically cut down our energy costs and consumption, which reduces our own demand for energy from the government (which is still mainly generator-based).

So we are very proud of that!

oasis marigot st lucia solar panels

planting herb garden for guests hotel st lucia
Every Earth Day we gather our staff together to help clean up the beach and surrounding area. This time, we wanted to go a step further by beautifying our own gardens and grounds even more.

This Earth Day we came up with a special idea that we think guests will love!

Considering all our villas are self-catering, meaning there are full kitchens so you always have the option to make a meal at home, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to have a community herb garden where guests can help themselves to fresh, locally grown herbs for their cooking, cocktails, or salsas!

So far we’ve planted rosemary, thyme, basil, mint and a few others.

So next time you’re staying with us in St. Lucia, we invite you to hop on by our herb garden by the entrance to the Billy Goat Trail to help yourself to some fresh herbs.

hotel community herb garden

Furthermore, we’ve also added fruit trees across our property, such as sweet tamarind, orange, cashew, cherry, guava and tangerine. We can’t wait to have a taste of these future fruits! Of course, guests will be able to help themselves as well!

planting fruit trees oasis marigot

This was all possible with the help of all our team at Oasis Marigot.

We also did our usual beach clean up as well. To all of our (unfortunate) surprise we were able to collect a truck full of garbage. This is crazy, and we must continue to make sure our shoreline in Marigot Bay stays clean so we do not pollute our ocean. A clean up of the beach and surrounding area has become a monthly commitment of ours, and we’re encouraging other hotels in the bay to help as well.

beach clean up earth day marigot bay

As you can see it was a successful busy day! Want to thank all of our team that made Earth Day at Oasis Marigot possible. We can’t wait for next year’s project.

Let’s keep our island – and planet, beautiful 🙂

Happy travels,

– Lauren