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why rent a villa or stay in a resort

Private Villa vs. Hotel/Resort?

July 7, 2016
General Travel Tips!
By: Lauren

Accommodation options for travelers have really exploded in the last few years, with websites like Airbnb, Homeaway, and VRBO offering travelers the ability rent villas directly from the owners. Then there’s still the traditional hotels and resorts that beckon you with their all-inclusive options and enticing discounts. So what should you do? It’s a hard […]

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How to Properly Cut a Mango

June 7, 2016
General Travel Tips!, and Recipies
By: Lauren

Mangoes are a delicious, staple fruit of St. Lucia. May and June are the peak season for mangoes, and if you’re on the island at that time you’ll see them hanging in bunches from mango trees like above, as well as scattered all over the roads and ground as they become so ripe that they […]

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