S. Lucia has a special place in our hearts, and for good reason! Check out these 20 pictures that will make you fall in love with the magical island that is St. Lucia!


Photo by David Brown

Castries by night is a spectacular sight to be seen. The colors, the vibe, we’ll take it all!


Photo by Balenbouche

This old sugar mill, at the 18th century sugar plantation in Balembouche, looks like a location out of a fantasy. Cue the hobbits!


Cocoa beans as far as the eyes can see, this is heaven on earth, or rather one of the many cocoa plantations, same difference if you ask us. You can tour the chocolate farms and see how chocolate is made, and even get a fresh taste!


Photo by Styve Reineck-Shutterstock

The rain-forest of St.Lucia is a cant miss experience. From the tram rides, zip lining, and beautiful critters, so much adventure and beauty awaits you under the canopy of greenery.


The streets of Castries are so dreamy, All the Pastel colored building gives us that Caribbean vibe we travel for.


Step into the paradise that is sugar beach. Pristine sands and dramatic coast lines, sugar beach is a mist visit.


The is just as much beauty and adventure awaiting you underneath the waters of St. Lucia. For scuba and snorkeling enthusiast alike, the reef at Anse Chastanet beach has been crowned the best in the Caribbean


The Cathedral Basilica in Castries is awe inspiring. This church is commonly known as the ‘largest church in the Caribbean’ measuring in at 200 ft long by 100 ft wide. The interior is decorated by a local Lucian artist named Dunstan St. Omer.


Pigeon island is an absolute dream, the waters are that Caribbean blue that we have all come to know and love. There is so much to be said about Pigeon Island, but it is better to just be experienced. Pack your bags!


Diamond falls are often discribed as one of the natural wonders of St. Lucia, and for good reason. This little gem is located Soufriere, in the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens.


It doesn’t get any better than this! The beautiful and secluded beach of Marigot Bay. This beach can only be accessed by ferry or boat, so you can always find a little slice happiness all toy yourself on this beautiful beach.


Via Rainforest Hotel Spa Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

Hanging out in a tree house, getting pampered? sign us up! This is the Body Holiday Spa in Castries, Treat yourself!


The island of St. Lucia has an interested history with pirates. Is it just us, or can you hear the Pirates of The Caribbean theme song playing in your heads?


The beautiful location is Derek Walcott Square, and is a great place to start your walking tour in Castries. The beautiful Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is only a stones throw away.


Via Jade Mountain

Anse Chastanet is one of the most widely known locations in St. Lucia, and off in the distance? The remarkable Pitons.


This view of Soufrière is absolutely breath taking! Soufrière is a town on the West Coast of Saint Lucia, in the eastern Caribbean Sea. An absolutely stunning coastal city that is a must visit on your next trip to this magical island.


Via Scuba St Lucia

The image encapsulates everything we love about the island. Beautiful coasts lines, clear blue waters, we could go on but we’d rather go in!


Recognize this little nugget? One of the filming sets for The Pirates Of The Caribbean. But more than that, such a beautiful location to see.


Via Island Routes Tours

St. Lucia is a magical island filled with so much to be discovered, seen, and experienced, by land, sea, and AIR!


We don’t know about you, but we love to go chasing waterfalls! This amazing, cant be missed, waterfall is known as Belle Vue waterfall. It is a very remote waterfall, make sure to check out Zee Tours & Adventures for a guiding tour to this island gem.


Via The Marigot Bay Resort

We hope these images help you fall in love with the beautiful island of St. Lucia, we hope to see you soon!

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Until Our Next Adventure! -Lisa, Oasis Team