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Friday Fish Fry Jump Up at Anse La Raye St. LuciaEvery Friday night the quaint little fishing town of Anse La Raye, just south of Marigot Bay, is transformed into an evening carnival scene with lively soca and reggae music, friendly faces, and an abundance of delicious, freshly caught seafood grilling on barbecues and coal pots! The Friday Fish Fry is a favorite evening destination for locals and tourists alike!

The festival caters equally to both tourists and locals, serving steamed fish, seasonal seafood like lobster and red snapper, and plenty of drinks and music. For our guests staying in Marigot Bay, we offer a taxi/guide service who will drive you to Anse La Raye and accompany you to the festival, to bring you home once you’re ready. The guide can take 2 or more people along for the experience.

Friday Fish Fry Details:

Book On-Island

These excursions cannot be booked ahead of time, but can be easily booked once you arrive on the island and call our Guest Services Office located in Marigot Bay.

  • A guide will drive guests to the festival and accompany them while there, and will bring you back to Marigot Bay at the agreed-upon time by everyone in the party.
  • Enjoy delicious, Lucian-style, freshly-caught seafood like lobster and red snapper.
  • Children welcome but it is an evening party with alcohol and loud music.
  • Just as much a tourist attraction as a local Friday night-favorite!
  • Rates: based on number of guests attending.

Further Details About this Activity:

  • Booking: bookings cannot be made in advance to your vacation, but can be made once you are on the island via our Guest Services Office. The local phone number and information on how to contact the Guest Services Office is provided once your reservation is made, but can also be found here.


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